Best Monitor fewer than 25000 in India with 2K and 4K Resolution


In a world that demands superior visual experiences for both work and play, the importance of a high-quality monitor cannot be overstated.

Whether you’re a professional seeking crisp 2K or 4K resolutions for productivity or a gamer in pursuit of immersive visuals, this guide has got you covered.

We’ll explore the best monitors under ₹25,000 in India, focusing on both 2K and 4K resolutions to cater to your diverse needs.

Best monitor fewer than 25000 in India.

For those seeking the perfect 2K monitor for work or gaming, we have curetted a list of options under ₹25,000 that offer superior performance and visual clarity.

1. LG Ultra wide 32Inch 2K Monitor:

  • With a large 32-inch display boasting 2K resolution, this LG monitor is ideal for working and video editing.
  • The bezel-less design enhances the monitor’s aesthetics and viewing experience.
  • Its adjustable stand allows you to customize the display to your preferences.
  • An excellent choice for productivity tasks, although it features a TN panel.

2. Samsung 27Inch 2K Monitor:

  • Designed for gamers who prefer 1080p resolution, this monitor offers a 240Hz gaming experience.
  • The bezel-less display and curved screen create an immersive gaming environment.
  • Ideal for connecting XBOX or PlayStation consoles for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Suitable for gaming and multimedia consumption.

3. BenQ 27Inch 2K Monitor:

  • This monitor comes with an eye care feature that allows for extended usage without strain.
  • Boasting 2K resolution, it offers sharper picture quality for its screen size.
  • While it has built-in speakers, the sound quality is comparable to standard speakers.
  • Best for working and nongaming tasks due to its 75Hz maximum refresh rate.

The best 4K monitors 2023: top Ultra HD displays for your PC                   

As content and technology advance, upgrading to a 4K monitor has become essential to future-proof your computer setup.

We’ll explore the best 4K monitors on the market, offering incredibly detailed visuals and a larger screen real estate for content creators and multi-takers.


1. Dell 4K S3221QS:

  • Dell’s 4K monitor features a stunning woven arctic white design that stands out against the sea of black and gray monitors.
  • Its display offers a 4K resolution, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, support for 1.07 billion colors, and a 178/178 viewing angle, resulting in crisp, vibrant visuals.
  • Extra features include Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture, and a USB 3.0 hub for multitasking.

2. Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q:

  • An affordable 4K gaming monitor with excellent value for money.
  • This 28-inch display offers remarkable ergonomics, allowing for swivel, pivot, and tilt adjustments.
  • Thin bezels and a cable management solution enhance the viewing experience.
  • Ideal for gamers and regular users who consume visual media.

3. BenQ SW321C PhotoVue:

  • A pro-level 4K display designed specifically for photo editing.
  • Features a wide color gamut, including 99% of Adobe RGB and 95% of DCIP3, making it ideal for photography and cinematography.
  • Boasts Delta E ≤ 2 color accuracy and supports HDR10 and HLG.
  • An excellent choice for photo editing at an affordable price.

Choosing the right monitor under ₹25,000 in India is essential to meet your specific needs, whether it’s for work, gaming, or content creation.

This guide has highlighted a selection of monitors with 2K and 4K resolutions, offering a range of features and performance options.

Take your pick and elevate your computing experience with crisp visuals and superior clarity, all without breaking the bank.

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