Epson dot matrix printer LQ-310 price in India

As the world’s top maker of speck lattice printers, Epson has presented the Epson dot matrix printer LQ-310 as the up and coming age of tight carriage, 24-pin model, supplanting the unbelievable LQ-300, with much better speed and unwavering quality.

The Epson LQ-310 has a 128 KB input information cradle, which is more than twofold than its archetype. Empowers it to accomplish high print rates of up to 416 characters for every second at 12 CPI, or almost 40% quicker than the model it replaces.

The Epson LQ-310 additionally has an improved unwavering quality rating, which is 67% higher than its archetype, known for its dependability. The Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer is evaluated for Mean Time before Failure (MTBF) of 10,000 POH contrasted with 6,000 POH for the past model.

Epson, the global driving manufacturer of spec grid printers, has introduced the Epson LX-310 as the cutting edge Tight Carriage 9-pin model, replacing the stunning LX-300 with improved volatile quality at speed.

Add the Epson LX-310 Dub Grid Printer to your mechanical, monetary, or retail location workstations for faster printing of information and quicker multi-page designs. This optical printer has a rigid structure for extended-lasting capacity.

Effectively variable strips keep this printer in a short time and guarantee prints when you need them. Also, it has a 128 KB input information cushion, which is more than twice its archetype. Allows you to achieve high print speeds of up to 357 characters per second at 12 CPI

High Impact Multi-Carbon Copies: Achieve ideal productivity with the LX-310 for making 5-section structure printing (1 exclusive + 4 duplicates)

Applicable Connectivity: Working on Sequential, Flat, and USB interface options, the LX-310 can be paired with any yield gadget you need.

High lights of Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Narrow carriage 24-pin SIDM

The print speed at 12CPI High 416 CPS

10,000 power on the hour MTBF

USB2.0, Serial and Parallel port

Specifications of Epson dot matrix printer

Printing Method: Laser

Type: Single Function

Model Name: LQ-310

Part Number: LQ-310

Printing Output: Monochrome

Functions: Print

Brand: Epson

Ideal Usage: Business

Height: Width: Depth: 15.4 cm: 36.2 cm: 27.5 cm

Weight: 4.1 kg

Warranty: one year

Operating System: Windows: 2000, XP, Vista, 7

7 Total Score
Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer Review

Epson dot matrix printer LQ-310 as the up and coming age of tight carriage, 24-pin model, supplanting

  • Can be printed in multi-component shapes or carbon copies
  • Low printing cost per page
  • Can be used on continuous form paper used for data recording
  • Reliable, durable
  • Noisy
  • Limited print quality
  • Slow printing speed
  • Limited color printing
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