Epson PLQ-20 Passbook printer price in India 2021

The PLQ-20 arrangement printers are not just an ideal decision for passbook printing; its flexibility additionally incorporates a wide assortment of printing needs. One of the primary preferences of the Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer arrangement is its capacity to print on a variety of media utilized by money related foundations and government divisions.

The PLQ-20 arrangement printers are not just quick; they are additionally excellent. Worked to last, these tough printers perform reliably in uproarious business conditions. They have an average volume between a stunning 7 million line shortcomings (MVBF)! 10,000 force on-before-disappointment (MTBF) hours and 400 million strokes to additionally improve print head life

The brilliant elements of the PLQ-20 arrangement make tasks simple. The programmed parts of the PLQ-20 account consistently guarantee smooth and inconvenience free printing. These printers offered better and improved only use the board capacities, for example, a primary and secure strip change instrument, that makes upkeep simple without the requirement for tedious and exorbitant IT uphold.

The roller-mounted print head and robotized moving plate allow the PLQ-20 arrangement to detect different paper thicknesses. Photographic programmed sheet alignment sensors detect and teach the paper feed roller to separate false reports. Programmable Edge Feature – Paper Width Finder allows you to print at any point on the paper plate from the paper’s edge at the desired separation. Paper widths are similarly marked naturally to ensure a proper seal on the feed material.

The Epson PLQ-20 adds speed and flexibility to print in the banking and policy management segments. Worked to the end; it effectively manages most passbooks, visas, tickets, and various archives. It is minimal and pluggable with the convenience of tailoring to your specific IT and space needs.


24-pin Notebook / Document Impact Printer for 2.6mm thick media

High print speeds up to 480 cps (10 cpi)

Effective programmed sheet alignment and programmed print head change highlights.

Easy to integrate into your IT environment with Olivetti PR2, Epson ESC / P, and IBM PPDS emulators

5 million characters in length lace life

Discreet space-sparing pack including top paper plate and back paper direct

Applicability with flat, sequential, and USB interfaces

High lights of Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer

Specialized Passbook

Speed: up to 576 cps draft

Technical slip or form print

MVBF: 7 million lines

Auto Platen Gap Adjustment

Specifications of Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer

Printing Method: Laser

Type: Single Function

Model Name: PLQ-20

Printing Output: Monochrome

7.5 Total Score
Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer Review

The Epson PLQ-20 adds speed and flexibility to print in the banking and policy management segments. Worked to the end

  • High-speed printing
  • Optimum efficiency
  • The ability to print on a variety of media that is used in financial institutions and government departments
  • No Wi-Fi
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