Best Epson Dot Matrix Printer in India 2021

Epson Dot Matrix Printer

Best Epson dot matrix printer in India 2021

Epson dot matrix printers are probably the first type of printer. It was made in 1977 and is older with the help of inkjet and laser printers. Best Epson Dot Matrix Printer – The spot lattice printer prints the turning drum on paper with small pins that form the image.

Wired or remote, inkjet or ink tank, each of which has perfect gifts and flaws as its inspiration. Dab Framework is one of the most well-established printing strategies for printers. Dot-matrix printers are used for precise applications, for example, printing standard identities or creating images for contacts.

The Fun Dot Matrix printer usually offers more than five-star prints of ink tanks, laser printers, duplex printers, or an assortment of Wi-Fi printers, although they are slower to print pages as each letter needs to be drawn separately.

Epson dot matrix printer LQ-50

Epson dot matrix printer LQ-50 At only 275mm wide, it is compactly designed to allow easy installation even on counters with limited space. It supports 152.4mm (6″”) width fanfold paper for the issuing of receipts. Roll paper can also be used if the optional roll paper holder is attached to the printer.

Its 24-pin print head underpins high-goal Indian content printing by means of border control and the Windows® driver. 10 pre-introduced local Indian language gadget text styles. Besides, it’s intended to function admirably in filthy or sandy areas.

The Epson LQ-50 fits almost anywhere thanks to its small dimensions, at just 275x240x153mm, this 24-pin, 50-column dot matrix printer takes up the 6-inch paper and is ideal for places with premium space such as vans and office counters. Little stores.

Features of Epson dot matrix printer LQ-50

  • Super minimized: 275 x 240 x 153mm
  • Move paper spread: Protects against sprinkles and soil
  • Solid printing: MTBF of around 10,000 hours
  • Low TCO: Ribbon keeps going around 3 million characters
  • Simple incorporation: Parallel and USB network

Specifications of Epson LQ-50 Dot Matrix Printer

  • Brand: Epson
  • Model Name: LQ-50
  • Model Series: LaserJet
  • Printing Method: Thermal Transfer
  • Type: Single Function
  • Printing Output: Monochrome
  • Functions: Print
  • Ideal Usage: Basic
  • Height: Width: Depth: 15.3 cm: 24 cm: 27 cm
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Wireless Support: No
7 Total Score
Epson LQ-50 Dot Matrix Printer Review

Its 24-pin print head underpins high-goal Indian content printing by means of order control and the Windows® driver

  • Designed to provide a high-quality impression
  • Long receipts can be printed
  • Compact design
  • This printer is compact and therefore the feed paper size is small.
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