Best Printer Under 10000 Price India 2021

Best Printer Under 10000 in India 2021

Top 10 Printer for home & Office use

We’re looking for printers! There are a lot of printers sorts to be had in the marketplace for home & Office use in India and online sites. Because of this availability, it’s miles very difficult to find the excellent one for you.

So, to make things easier for you, we have reviewed some of the Best printer under 10000 along with their capabilities and specifications. Printing machines are now an important part of the home or office business space.

There are high-quality printing devices packed with good performance for less than 10000 INR. Printers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, etc. are available in the market. They give the best value for money depending on the needs and budget. Printers are on the market to suit every need like single and multifunction.

Best printer for home use:

Printers are an important part of any home office or commercial space. The INR 10,000 price range includes high-quality devices packed with performance. The market is full of printers or best printer for home use such as HP, Epson, Canon, etc., which offer the best value for money.

Depending on needs and budget, there are printers to suit every need like the Best printer for home & office use, such as monochrome or multi-color, single or multifunction printing machines, and page handling capabilities. Our page has a complete list of the 13 best printers under Rs 10,000. From trusted brands as of September 22, 2020

Best printer for office use:

We are going to shop over the top five under 10,000 Best printers for office use today. These devices come with an excessive first-rate 4800 * 1200 dpi print, which produces powerful and sharp print pages. The printing machines run correctly with fast printing saving valuable time. Beyond the ability of the 2 hundred-page trays, you do not need to alternate paper for the long term to improve productiveness.

Best printer for home & Office use

Laser printers under 10000

1. Canon image CLASS LBP2900B

Canon LBP2900B

The Canon LBP2900B  is a wireless, black-and-white laser 

It's a great arrangement for personal print and short office and home office printing.

With the first-class laser printer under 10,000 in India, it’s been fiercely contested by means of many. Canon image CLASS LBP2900B is the Best printer for home & Office use in India

The multifunction printer is glossy and compact with a top-class layout. It appears cool and appealing for the desk or desk nook. You do not have to reduce your workload.

The Canon brand competes fiercely with HP printers. This product has become a popular product on the consumer’s budget.

 Canon Image Class LBP2900 is the best home and office printing machine we found. Thank you very much for the classy print speed with excellent quality for text and photos.

The device has connectivity restrictions of the simplest USB 2.0. There may be no wireless or Ethernet option; this means you can’t print documents wirelessly from your gadgets…

The device can print 18 pages consistently per minute with a resolution of 600* 600 dpi.

You may load up to 150 A4 sheets within the entry tray. The cartridge can provide 1600-page printing…


  • Multifunction printer
  • Maximum Print Resolution: 2400×600
  • Print Speed: Up to 12 ppm
  • Connectivity: High-speed 2.0 USB
  • Supported Media Types: A4, letter
  • Single Functionality: Print
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Power Consumption: 220 – 240V (+/-10%), 50 / 60Hz (+/-2Hz)
  • Home and office use

2. HP 1020 plus Monochrome

If you are seeking out a printing machine for your day-by-day work, pick out the hp 1020 plus printer. This laser device has a stylish design and a sloping top.

HP 1020 Plus Laser

HP 1020 Plus Single Function Laser 

If you are seeking out a printing machine for your day-by-day work, pick out the hp 1020 plus printer. This laser has a stylish design and a sloping top

It can offer LaserJet printing era and print up to 14 pages per minute. The processor pace of this laser printer is 234 MHz. This printer has a hi-pace USB 2.0 port for smooth connectivity

It has a manual duplex printing function to reduce paper waste and print on both sides of the paper.

The hp 1020 plus printer weighs 5 kg and has 2 Mb of RAM. Supports medium-type paper, labels, cardstock, postcards, and envelopes

HP 1020 Plus printer weighs around 5 kg and comes with a RAM size of 2 MB. It supports cardstock, labels, postcards, etc.


  • Type: Laser
  • Functions: Printing
  • Auto Duplex Printing: No
  • Printing Speed:  up to 14ppm
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Paper Handling: 150

Inkjet printers under 10000

3. HP DeskJet Ink 4729

HP DeskJet Ink 4729 

HP DeskJet 4729 All-in-One Ultra Ink Advantage Wireless Colour

HP DeskJet Ink 4729 is one of the most affordable and multifunctional inkjet printers in this category

HP DeskJet Ink 4729 is one of the most affordable and multifunctional inkjet printers in this category

The hp DeskJet 4729 ink gain printer is the nice solution for all of your desires efficaciously.

This is in particular for small workplaces with a widespread printing need. It gives a flatbed scanner and color output.

The velocity and durability of this printer are also high-quality. You could without problems print, test, and replica your documents with this printer.

It comes with a smooth setup function and you may join it via USB cable as well as a wireless medium.

It supports a4, b5, a6, and dl envelope paper sizes and springs with guide duplex printing.

 It comes with 4800 x 1200 dpi for color output and 1200 x 1200 print resolutions for black and white output…

With this printer, you may print ordinary pages at 7.5 pages in line with the minute and 5.5 color pages consistent with the minute. The price of printing consistent with the web page is fifty-two paise for black and white and 1.01 paise for shade.

Key Features

  • Printer type: Inkjet
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Auto duplex printing: None
  • Printing speed: 7.5 plain pages per minute and 5.5 color pages
  • Connectivity: USB WI-FI
  • Printing cost: 52 paise for black and white and 1.01 paise for color pages

4. Epson EcoTank L3110

Epson EcoTank L3110 

Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank  (Black) model.

Evaluation is just 7 paise for black (dark) and 18 paise colour (shading), you can print without stress

Best Printer under 10000, Epson Eco tank L3110 All in One Printer In case you are searching for a printer that may maximize your financial savings without compromising print pleasant, the Epson ecotank l3110 multifunction printer is the nice for you.

This Epson printer is compact and integrated with a new tank design to make it stylish. Refilling this printer is fairly easy and spill-free. The ink tanks are equipped with nozzles to facilitate filling.

It gives you 4500 pages in black and 7500 prints in color for 7 paise for black prints and 18 paise for coloration prints. So that you can see your financial characteristics

It comes with a first-rate 5700 dpi print decision and meets your printing wishes. You may also print borderless pictures up to 4r with this printer.

This financial and multi-purposeful printer is a terrific answer to your commercial enterprise requirements.

To your convenience, it comes with an assurance of two years and you are absolutely loose from the upkeep issues.

This cheap multifunction printer is a top-notch answer to your enterprise’s wishes. To your comfort, it comes with a two-yr assurance and is absolutely maintenance-loose.

Key capabilities

  • Printer type: inkjet
  • Functions: print, experiment, and copy
  • Vehicle duplex printing: no
  • Printing speed: 33 black and white 15 coloration pages according to minute
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Printing value: 7 paise for black & white and 18 paise for coloration pages

5. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank

  • Check Price at Amazon

HP Ink Tank 310 Color 

HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour  & HP GT51 Ink Bottle

All-in-one printer for printing, scanning and copying, the comfort of printing without borders, simple and spill-free refill, hassle-free ink management

The HP310 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer comes with built-in high-volume, low-cost printing. The refill system of this printer is perfect with its reusable bottles.

It comes with a manage panel that is ready with an LCD display and a replica counter.

The enter tray has a storage potential of 60 sheets. The print heads are replaceable and cheaper.

This printer’s scanner is flatbed and handles a4-length files. You may print up to 6,000 normal pages and 8000 shade pages with this printer.

You can install your printing, scanning, and copying requirements with this hp printer pretty without problems.

Key Features

  • Printer type: Inkjet
  • Functions: Print, Scan, and Copy
  • Auto duplex printing: None
  • Printing speed: 7.5 pages per minute black and white, 4.5 pages color pages per minute
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Cost of printing: 10 paise for black and white 18 for color pages

6. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One

Canon Pixma G2012 

Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour (Black)

Print dazzling borderless photographs and sharp dark text archives up to A4 size with the help of Canon's Hybrid Ink System.

The new Canon Pixma G 2012 AIO multifunction inkjet printer is known for high-volume, easy printing, replication, and inspection. Gives sinless execution and adequately reduces costs. Inherently integrated ink tanks make for a reduced printer body.

These ink tanks are highly receptive, accommodate ink level monitoring, and arrange to top off as well. The natural 1.2-inch board configuration printer makes it easy to produce multiple duplicates or outputs.

Canon Pixma G2012 Features:

  • Brand: Canon
  • Model Name: G2012
  • Printing Method: Inkjet
  • Type: Multi-function
  • Ideal Usage: Home & Small Office
  • USB support: USB 2.0
  • Wireless connectivity: Not Supported
  • Display: 1.2 inches LCD Screen
  • Part Number: 2313C023AA
  • Height: Width: Depth: 16.3 cm:  44.5 cm:  33 cm
  • Printing Output: Color
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan


  • The expense of the printer is low contrasted with other ink tank printers.
  • The print speed is awesome
  • Easy to clean and make compulsory
  • Borderless printing is accessible


  • Not supported with Mac OS No wireless connectivity

7. Epson Eco Tank L3101 All-in-One

Epson Eco Tank L3101

Epson Eco Tank L3101 All-in-One Ink Tank

You can print consistently when you get excellent yields of 4,500 pages (dark) and 7,500 pages (shading).

You can print consistently when you get excellent yields of 4,500 pages (dark) and 7,500 pages (shading). The Ecotank L3101 encourages you to stay in sync and opens up the workspace as the ink tank is wonderfully embedded in the printer‌. Not fulfilling time limits or eventually getting things done, while at this point pledging to create the Ecotank L3101, 33 ppm, along with a small piezoelectric print head.

Given the fact that the Eco Tank L3101 ensures a great target of 5,760 dpi, we hope to print groundbreaking and sharp images. Print borderless print images (up to 4R photographs) without undesirable white border restrictions

Epson Eco Tank L3101 Features:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Series: EcoTank
  • Model number: L3101
  • Height: Width: 17.9 Cm: 34.7 Cm
  • Product Dimensions: 37.5 x 34.7 x 17.9 cm; 4.5 Kilograms
  • Included Components: Printer, Power Cable, CD DVD tray, and USB Cable
  • Item weight: 4kg 500grams


  • Automatic cleaning is available
  • Refill without spills
  • Borderless printing
  • Wireless printing
  • Low cost of printing


  • Limited support with Apple products
  • Complex installation
  • Little noise

8. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function

Brother HL-L2321D

Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser with Auto Duplex Printing

The Brother HL-L2321D personal laser printer can meet all of your printing needs via an adjustable, 250-sheet capacity paper tray that handles letter or legal

If you are looking for a quick and pocket-sized personal laser printer, this Brother HL-2321D Laser Printer is for you. It has a printing speed of 2400 x 600 dpi as well as a speed of 30 PPM to make your printing experience ideal and fast.

Similarly, it is equipped with programmed duplex capability, which allows you to print effortlessly on both sides and save paper with an expert presentation. Also, it includes a moving 250-sheet limit paper plate for standard size papers as well as a manual feed for envelopes, letterheads, etc.

Brother HL-L2321D Features:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: HL-2321D
  • Printing Technology: Laser
  • Printer Output Type: Monochrome
  • Product Dimensions: 35.6 x 36 x 18.3 cm; 6.8 Kilograms
  • Hardware Interface: USB
  • Print Resolution Monochrome & Color: 600 dpi × 600 dpi, HQ1200 quality Pixels
  • Print speed Monochrome: 30 PPM
  • Max Print speed Color: 30 PPM
  • Printing Media Type: Paper
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 8 MB
  • Item Weight: 6 kg 800 g


  • The costs are significantly lower
  • Designed to be compact to fit t in a small space
  • Can be double-sided printed without human intervention


  • The printer only offers printing in monochrome
  • Not suitable for high-quality printing
  • No WI FI connectivity

9. EcoTank L3115 Multifunction

EcoTank L3115 Multifunction

EPSON L3115 Color A4 All-in-ONE

Excellent investment funding and page implementation; With Epson's Ecotank L3115, when printing, expand your reserve funds in any case.

Excellent investment funding and page implementation; With Epson’s Ecotank L3115, when printing, expand your reserve funds in any case. With a printing cost of only 7 paise for darkness and 18 paise for shading, you can print without stress. Each ink bottle offers a high return of 7,500 shading prints and 4,500 dark prints,

so you don’t have to stress out that the ink is running out. Space-saving plan, sans spill top off; Traditional and snug, the new tank configuration allows you to make a slight impression on the printer.

Congratulate Sans Spill and Blender with singular jugs containing small tubes that pump water out of an unusual barrel suitable for special tickets, Exceptional quality, and speed; The L3115 prints at a high print target of 5760 dpi, giving you top-notch prints, especially for your every need.

EcoTank L3115 Features:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Printing Method: Inkjet
  • Model number: EPSON L3115
  • Item Height: 17.9 Centimeters
  • Item Width: 34.7 Centimeters
  • Refill Type: Refillable Ink Tank
  • Ideal Usage: Home & Small Office
  • Product Dimensions: 37.5 x 34.7 x 17.9 cm; 4.5 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 4 kg 500 g


  • Supports up to 180 GSM
  • Boundless printing
  • Compact design


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Without ADF
  • Small noise

10. HP 108A Single Function

HP LaserJet 108A 

HP Laserjet 108A Monochrome Laser  with USB Connectivity

The print speed is up to 21ppm so you can view your print-related work anytime. the Appropriate print quality is very clear and strong. 

The HP Laser 108a is a monochrome laser printer that can deliver a limit of 1,000 sheets. The paper plate consists of 150 sheets and has an LED show control board. It can print up to 20 pages per moment. In addition to the availability of the A108A USB 2.0 port, it is ideal for home use and less office space.

This HP laser printer can deliver high-volume prints. Printing speeds up to 21 PPM, guaranteeing that you can finish your printing work instantly. The nature of the informed printing press is also clear and strong. Also, its plan is minimal, so it can be placed in any auxiliary space without problems.

Get the most out of print printing on the HP 108 Laser Series. Produce great results and your telephone, legendary quality, customized print and output for your location, simple versatile printing, and filtering

HP 108A Features:

  • Brand: HP
  • Series: LaserJet
  • Manufacturer: hp, HPPK
  • Item Height  26.1 Centimeters
  • Item Width: 28 Centimeters
  • Product Dimensions: 38.4 x 28 x 26.1 cm
  • Model number: 4ZB79A
  • Wattage: 320 Watts
  • Batteries: Not required
  • Ideal Usage: Home & Small Office
  • Weight:  8.95 Kilograms


  • Automatic on / off
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • High-quality printing


  • Monochrome
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