ProDot Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Price 2021

ProDot Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Price 2021 – The product ProDot wireless combo features a full-size console and mouse with precise tilts to work seamlessly from your PC or PC. 114 Full-size keyboards with standard and responsive sensitive keys Tested for 10 million keystrokes for a quick and easy composing experience Note: Check the “USB Collector” on the battery front of the remote mouse. low pricing best wireless keyboard and mouse below 1000.

ProDot Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo:

Incredible multimedia keyboard: This set includes a keyboard with 10 focus and sound hotkeys on the left and an option that encourages the use of mixed media, for example, web home, email, media player, volume change, media control keys, etc.

High Sensitivity Mouse – Your remote mouse has a powerful range of 10 meters with a DPI effect of 12 meters to meet both normal and gaming needs. Progressive Optical Navigation takes into account active reaction, precise development, and sensitive adaptations, allowing clients to reach up to 5 million premium snaps. It is packaged with a USB chipset that is committed to working flawlessly without interfering with various gadgets.

Spill Resistant Design: We realized that it can be very difficult to clean the console if fluid spills occur. The product console has a spill safe plan, intended to drain fluid from the openings to reduce any clutter. Furthermore, it has a rich orange tone to the crispy look.

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